Non-Metallic Pocket Defender XL Knife - Razorback

Non-Metallic Pocket Defender XL Knife - Razorback

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Pocket Defender XL Knife - Razorback

Overall Length:  8 inches

Blade Length:  5 inches

Razorback:  Refers to Jipping on Spine

This is an EDC, non-metallic, non corrosive, lightweight knife that is easy to conceal within one's clothing, pocket or purse for self protection.  Each Pocket Defender - XL - Razorback comes with a custom fit Kydex sheath.

Each Pocket Defender - XL - Razorback is manufactured out of layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin pressed together under enormous pressure and heat.  The material is very light but also very strong, stable and moisture resistant.  Each knife is handmade and hand edged, providing quality products and one-of-a-kind products each time. They can be resharpened with an emery board or a fine to extra coarse diamond hone block.

Choose from a variety of colors for your knife and is no longer available with a wrapped handle.